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Carbon-saving coating for commercial greenhouses could boost food production by a third

CTO Dr Sian Fussell and CEO Molly Allington, Co-founders of AlbothermAlbotherm

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Press release issued: 7 June 2023

A University of Bristol spin-out which has developed an innovative temperature-responsive coating for greenhouses has secured a £1.6m investment.

Using advanced polymer chemistry, Albotherm Ltd has created a heat-sensitive material which has the potential to enhance food productivity in commercial greenhouses by up to 34%.

Albotherm’s innovative coating automatically adjusts how much light it lets through in response to changes in the temperature. This means commercial greenhouses can maintain optimal conditions for growing produce without the need for active cooling systems.

Molly Allington, Albotherm Ltd’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to have secured this investment. Albotherm empowers farmers to create optimal growing conditions for crops, resulting in improved yields and increased profitability, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.”

The idea for the coating emerged during Dr Sian Fussell’s PhD research into temperature-responsive materials at the University of Bristol.

Dr Fussell, CTO of Albotherm, said: “As a female founder in the sustainable technology sector, I am inspired by the growing recognition and support for diverse voices and perspectives. Our dedication to sustainability have resonated with investors, and this funding will enable us to further refine and scale our temperature-responsive materials.”

The £1.6m investment was led by the esteemed Green Angels syndicate and supported by prominent investors including Oxford Innovation Finance through its angel platform OION, Bristol Private Equity Club (BPEC), Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Agritech, and Science Angels Syndicate (SAS). The funding consists of £1.1m equity finance plus £500k grant funding.

The funding will enable Albotherm to develop its technology, scale up manufacturing capabilities, and complete large scale commercial pilots, with a view to bringing the first products to market within the next two years.

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