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University of Bristol delighted to support Bristol Pride

Staff and students at Bristol Pride-article image

Staff and students at the start of the Parade March in 2019.

Wills Memorial lit up-article image

The Wills Memorial Building lit up in Pride colours.

Press release issued: 25 June 2022

After a break due to the pandemic, Bristol Pride is back and the University of Bristol is delighted, once again, to be supporting the festival.

Bristol Pride celebrates the LGBT+ community and offers the chance to connect and bring people together. As well as showcasing Bristol’s wonderfully diverse community, Pride is about overcoming prejudice, hatred, reducing isolation and showing members of the LGBT+ community that they are not alone.

This year’s festival starts today (Saturday 25 June) and runs until Sunday 10 July with Pride Day itself on Saturday 9 July which includes the return of the popular parade march and celebrations at The Downs. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march in the UK.

As in previous years we will be lighting up the Wills Memorial Building in Pride colours for the second week of the festival from Monday 4 July to Sunday 10 July.

Staff and students are welcome to join the University on the Pride parade march. The meeting point is at Castle Park at 10am.

The parade march will go through the City Centre and end at Millennium Square. Buses will then transport people to The Downs for the rest of the festival. The University will also have a stall at The Downs so please come along and say hello. Special thanks to colleagues from Campus Division who will be transporting equipment to and from the site.

Abbi Dayre, Co-Chair, LGBT+ Staff Network, said: “We’re delighted this year to be working with the LGBTQ+ Student Society and the University’s Staff Inclusion Team and colleagues from Communications to unite the members of our community in celebration at Bristol Pride.

“Pride is such an important occasion for the University to show solidarity and support with LGBT+ staff and students, and it’s inspiring to see our experiences and achievements celebrated by our workplace. It shows that the University is committed to making this a place where everyone can feel safe to be themselves, and where our true selves are supported and celebrated.

“With over 200 members from all sectors of the community, our network is growing every day. We host social events, advise on policies, mark awareness and remembrance days, provide links to Stonewall and other external organisations, and offer support for staff. Pride is undoubtedly our busiest and most important time of year.

“The march is always the highlight for me - I can’t wait to march with my family and chosen family and honour 50 years of Pride in the UK. We’ll also have a stall at the festival itself, where you’ll be able to meet the network and learn a little more about the LGBT+ community at the University.

“However you identify, whether as part of the community or an ally, please do come along and support your colleagues and friends - we’re proud to have you on board.”

To find out more about our research, teaching and how we support our LGBT+ staff and students, please click here

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