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Student-invented app offers digital detox with a heart

Press release issued: 24 May 2018

University of Bristol students have created a procrastination-busting app with a conscience, which sends a ‘penalty’ charity donation when the user succumbs to their phone during digital down-time.

Born of a desire to resist compulsive phone-use during exam time, the app, called Resist, caters to a wider appetite to escape the constant lure of social media, apps and games, but with a philanthropic twist.

Neuroscience student Betsy Herbert, Computer Science student Alex Robinson and Accounting and Finance graduate Robert Van Den Bergh joined forces and expertise to create the app which would put lapses in resolve to good use, by sending a donation to a cause of the user’s choice.

The app is designed to boost-productivity so that users can tackle periods of intense work and study for exams as well as also giving freedom to enjoy quality and uninterrupted interactions with others or simply to help regain presence and peace of mind.

Robert said: “When I was at University I found myself distracted by my phone. After doing some research I found that the average person now spends three to four hours on their phone every day.

“We all wish we could disconnect from time to time, but with so many apps and social media channels at our fingertips sometimes it feels almost impossible.

“We wanted to create something which combined a strong motivation to stay focused with philanthropy, so that giving in doesn’t feel like such waste – we want users to feel that at least their money is doing somebody somewhere some good.”

Users of the Resist are able to control the donation amount, time period and charity to receive their donation.

Find out more about Resist or download the app via the website

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