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University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab recognised as 5G success

26 June 2018

Our Smart Internet Lab has been recognised as one of three key academic research specialists within the UK and as a concentrated 5G hub with established collaborative relationships with other national and international institutions, authorities and industry.

The Smart Internet Lab has been very successful in securing funding, resulting in the University of Bristol topping the table for best funded UK University in the field of 5G research.

The Digital Catapult report describes 5G development within universities as ‘a cornerstone of the 5G ecosystem’.

The forthcoming 5G Smart Tourism project will be the next step in the 5G development process. The Smart Internet Lab will work to support the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) in deploying 5G infrastructure within several tourist locations in Bristol and Bath.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of the Smart Internet Lab said: "We’re very proud of how significantly The Smart Internet Lab features in Digital Catapult’s 5G report. As an internationally recognised centre of network researchers, we have worked tirelessly to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves alongside our various collaborators. The development of 5G is a steady process that has been in motion for several years.

"We will continue to work towards expanding on our proficiency and furthering the development of 5G and beyond in the UK, both with a sense of open association and specialised expertise. We appreciate the recognition of Digital Catapult in acknowledging the achievements we have accomplished so far."

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