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It’s a battle of wits for Bristol and Newcastle in this week’s University Challenge

Press release issued: 24 January 2018

The University of Bristol’s quiz team return to screens next week (Monday 29 January) with University Challenge, in a battle of wits against Newcastle.

Kicking off the new year, the Bristol team go confidently into the first of the quarter final matches, having scored a 205-to-100 victory against Trinity College, Oxford at the end of last year.

The quarter finals are where the competition gets fierce. Both teams have enjoyed two victories to date, and will be fighting to remain in the competition on the show’s 47th series.

Viewers can tune in to BBC2 at 8.30pm to find out if Bristol emerge victorious once again.

The Bristol teammates are:

  • Sam Hosegood (Team Captain), first year undergraduate, Chemical Physics
  • Oliver Bowes, First year undergraduate, Music
  • Kirsti Biggs, Second year doctoral candidate, Mathematics
  • Dom Hewett, Master's candidate, English
  • Owen Iredale, Second year undergraduate, Biology (reserve)

Team captain Sam Hosegood said: “It's difficult to explain how nerve-racking it is when you're sitting on set with all the lights and cameras on you waiting for the first question to be read. However, despite how stressful the filming can be at times, the whole experience was really good fun.

"Personally, I think that one of the greatest strengths of our team was that we got on so well meaning that meeting up to practice was never a chore. We all looked forward to our weekly practice sessions and now that the filming is over we still regularly go to the pub together (and of course the occasional pub quiz!)."

University Challenge is the longest-running academic quiz show in the UK. It was first aired in 1962.

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