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Vet School academic to feature on BBC’s Countryfile Spring Diaries

Dr Emily Blackwell with a dog

Press release issued: 24 May 2017

A dog behaviour expert from the University of Bristol’s Vet School will feature on the new series of BBC One Countryfile Spring Diaries, which starts next week.

Dr Emily Blackwell will discuss the use of activity monitors to track exercise and play levels in dogs, as well as ways in which owners can increase their pet’s activity other than by traditional dog ‘walks’.

Dr Blackwell, Senior Lecturer in the School of Veterinary Sciences, said: “In addition to traditional ‘walks’, there are lots of other ways that owners can increase their pet’s activity and tailor exercise to suit their individual health needs.

“Scent tracking, hide and seek games and puzzle feeders are some of the many ways of providing physical and mental stimulation to keep pets happy and healthy.

“The development of pet activity monitors makes it easier than ever to keep track of how much exercise a dog is getting."

Countryfile Spring Diaries will be broadcast on Monday 29 May on BBC One at 9am.

The programme is aspin-off series of Countryfile and the series will run all week until Friday 2 June.

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