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BrisSynBio start-up wins Unit DX lab space at Bio-Start Awards 2017

Dr Paul Race and Dr Martin Challand from the University of Bristol and Zentraxa accept their prize from Tom Smart and Dr Ashley Brewer of Unit DX at the Bio-start Awards 2017

Press release issued: 11 August 2017

BrisSynBio start-up, Zentraxa has been named 'Best South-West England SynBio Start-up' at the 2017 Bio-start Awards, winning three months of free laboratory space at Bristol-based innovation centre, Unit DX.

Zentraxa is the first start-up from the University of Bristol’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre, BrisSynBio, part of the Bristol BioDesign Institute. Focusing on the biomolecular design and engineering aspects of synthetic biology, it has been established as one of six Synthetic Biology Research Centres in the UK. BrisSynBio’s Innovation Programme supports start-ups like Zentraxa alongside industrial networking and working to foster a long-term culture of innovation at all levels of its students and staff.

Bio-start is an annual competition from SynbiCITE and Rainbow Seed Fund, designed to assist the commercialisation of synthetic biology. Zentraxa's prize, laboratory space at Unit DX, will allow Zentraxa to further its work developing a design, production and platform for novel peptides. There is a rapidly growing market for designer peptides owing to their wide range of application areas. Zentraxa’s flexible platform is already being used to redesign biotherapeutics and create new biomaterials.

Dr Basil Omar from the University of Bristol's School of Biochemistry and Chief Executive at Zentraxa Limited, said:

"We are delighted that Zentraxa has received this important recognition. The generous prize provided by Unit DX will provide great support to the growth and further development of the company."

Unit DX is a scientific innovation centre which recently opened in central Bristol, and is a sponsor of the Bio-start awards.  Working in partnership with the University of Bristol, Unit DX offers lab space, offices and business support for early stage scientific companies.

Dr Ashley Brewer, Centre Director at Unit DX, said:

"It is exciting to see a Bristol company take the award, and we are pleased to be able to sponsor this category. We look forward to welcoming Zentraxa at Unit DX and hope the prize will allow them to grow rapidly and ease their transition from the University into their own laboratory space."

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