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New resources on working memory for educational psychologists

maths teaching in classroom

28 April 2015

The School of Experimental Psychology has launched a series of four films, games and factsheets on working memory which explore recent work on working memory and classroom learning and behaviour.

The resources, developed by Dr Debbora Hall and Professor Chris Jarrold, are aimed at educational psychologists, special educational needs co-ordinators and specialist teachers, and provide cutting-edge research into working memory and education in an easy-to-digest format. The resources largely focus on transferring knowledge from recent work by Professor Jarrold and colleagues, and were funded by an Economic and Social Research Council Knowledge Exchange Partnership between Dr Hall and Professor Jarrold, and educational psychologists at Bristol City Council and North Somerset Council, as well as the film production company microfilm.

Partnership with educational psychologists helped to form the resources into truly useful material, which has been targeted directly towards their professional development needs. Input from the media production company helped to make the films and games into engaging and visually striking work, which has also provided microfilm with a first foothold on scientific film making.

See the resources web page for more details. 

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