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RapidScan does it quicker

Press release issued: 19 December 2002

Media release
RapidScan does it quicker

A groundbreaking device that inspects the inside of structures such as aircraft wings faster than any other technology, has been developed by engineers at the University of Bristol.

Incorporating a new wheel probe developed at the University, the ultrasonic scanning instrument, known as 'RapidScan', generates an 'instant picture' of the structure under test. It enables engineers to examine in one minute an area that previously took four hours. It is also extremely user-friendly.

It is currently being trialed by Airbus to look for minute cracks and defects in aircraft wings, and ultimately it could reduce the time and cost of structural testing in a range of other industries such as power generation, food processing and the railways.

Dr Bruce Drinkwater from the University of Bristol's mechanical engineering department said: "This project has been a team effort. It was the combination of all of the collaborators' skills that made the project work so well."

RapidScan is the result of collaboration between researchers in the University's mechanical engineering department, NDT Solutions Ltd and Dynamic Imaging Ltd. This new technology will help test the structural health of a whole generation of lighter and stronger composite materials.

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