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Academic exchange in the pub

Press release issued: 20 December 2002

Media release
Academic exchange in the pub

A researcher at Bristol University is one of the first to benefit from an international research exchange programme set up through the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).

As the problems that researchers face become more complex and wide-ranging, joint international research is of increasing significance. The aim of WUN is to develop a global research alliance and virtual graduate school to better respond to future scientific challenges.

Bristol University is a partner in WUN, one of 13 leading international universities who are committed to working together to promote a global research culture through collaborative activities.

Christy Jocoy, an American from The Pennsylvania State University - another WUN partner - is here for a month to work with Professor Adam Tickell in Bristol University's School of Geographical Sciences. She is researching regional economic development and collecting data for her PhD thesis, which is looking at what makes firms decide to locate where they do.

Christy has found the experience of meeting people who are working in the same area as herself of particular value. She said: 'Because the US does not have geography as a core subject, most people come to it from other disciplines so there is a greater depth of understanding about the subject in the UK.' She also found the department very friendly and particularly enjoyed the regular meetings of students and staff in the pub. 'This is not something we ever do back home,' she said.

Professor Tickell will reciprocate the visit by going to Pennsylvania next year.

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