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Student 'convicts' escape for charity

Press release issued: 11 December 2002

Media release
Student 'convicts' escape for charity

A pair of Bristol University students "escaped" more than 5000 miles to Phoenix, Arizona as part of this year's RAG JailBreak to raise money for local charities.

Eighty students, dressed in costumes ranging from prison overalls to Darth Vader outfits, "broke out" of Bridewell Police Station at 8am on Saturday 30th November. With no money of their own to spend on transport, they had 36 hours "on the run" to get as far away from Bristol as possible.

By Sunday afternoon, undergraduates Tom Archer and Jenny White were at the Grand Canyon, 5190 miles away.

Other students reached destinations as far afield as Athens, Bahrain, Barcelona, Malaga, Paris and Prague.

The JailBreakers covered more than 20,000 miles altogether, raising over £5000 in sponsorship for the University of Bristol RAG Fund.

Alex Durbidge, the University's RAG Chair, said: "We're delighted by the success of this event. It's been a record-breaking year with more money raised than ever before and a greater distance travelled.

"JailBreak is just one of the many events that RAG does all year round, and it's events such as this that have allowed RAG to donate more than £200,000 to national and local charities over the past three years."

The money raised goes to the Greater Bristol Foundation, who hold the University of Bristol RAG Fund from which an annual donation is made to local charities after RAG Week at the end of February.

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