Technical Staff

Technical Team all wearing sunglasses and smiling on a virtual call

I really enjoy interacting with everyone in the building, I get to meet and be involved with so many people and to feel part of their team as well as having my own Technical team to run and being part of the school technical team. I definitely feel I belong here, and this is my home! I take pride in seeing the building run and work efficiently and know I’m part of the team that ensures this happens. I started out 37 years ago as an technician working at the BRI in what was then the Dept of Surgery and within a year had taken a sideways step and moved over to be a laboratory Technician. The University supported me in going to College on day release studying applied Biology at ONC and the HNC and then at degree level. I slowly worked up from technician to my current role, taking on more admin and management with each promotion. I have been here 20 years!

Paul Newcomb, Building Manager

“Prior to this role I was a student intern within the Sustainability Team at the University where I helped manage the LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) program. From this role I moved on to being the Sustainability Technician within the Medical School where I primarily work on our Climate Action Plan. Every day I get to have interesting and engaging conversations about Sustainability with a number of people across the School, which is definitely one of my favourite parts of the role! As part of the Technical team, I am able to gain a good insight into how each of the buildings are run, which is something that has definitely helped my sustainability work. The team have been so welcoming since I joined in 2021 and I can’t wait to continue working with them!”

Lucy Westover, Core Facility Technician

"As a Sustainability Technician my day typically involves working on our Climate Action Plan (CAP). This involves discussing how we should be improving sustainability with other members of the School, contacting companies and suppliers about setting up sustainable schemes, researching new ways in which we can be more sustainable and many more. My role also takes on a more practical side where I help run sustainable schemes such as the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) and the freezer challenge as well as completing sustainable audits. My role is primarily focused on how we improve sustainability in our laboratories and reduce our energy consumption within the School, but I am also working to improve sustainability in other areas.”

Lucy Westover, Core Facility Technician

“My job role is extremely varied and very rarely repetitive. One day I could be meeting new people, giving them an induction to the building or the labs. Another day could revolve around working in a lab itself. On my first week I was taught how to use a microtome to finely slice tissue samples encased in wax, as well as carry out biological substances sample processing. Until then, I hadn’t been in a lab before! Thankfully, my colleagues helped me every step of the way and were extremely supportive, allowing me to learn a large variety of new skills both practically and socially.”

Callum Hawkins, Core Facility Technician
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