Student Opportunities

Our LLB programme is a three-year law degree. The core and optional units reflect the wide variety of approaches to legal research adopted by the scholars in the Law School. We offer optional units in Roman Law (second year) and Legal History (final year). There are also opportunities to pursue research with a historical perspective in the Final Year Research Project and Dissertation options. In recent years, our final year undergraduates have pursued research in a variety of legal-historical areas including:

  • The law on witchcraft
  • Actions for breach of promise of marriage
  • Slavery and the law
  • Capital punishment
  • The law on suicide
  • The law on mental capacity and criminal responsibility
  • The law on care and confinement of those with reduced mental capacity
  • Law and protest

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Research Opportunities

Members of the Centre can provide supervision for those wishing to conduct research in areas of law and history.

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