About the GIC

Established in 2009, the Global Insecurities Centre (GIC) conducts research on the emergent insecurities of our complex and interconnected world. Our work is multifaceted and interdisciplinary, with a focus on the uneven and contested nature of contemporary insecurities, the political consequences of the uncertainty this engenders, and the often emergent and bottom-up nature of our responses to them. In this way, we emphasise a complex picture of multiple actors in dialogue with the insecurities that face them, and the opportunities for positive transformation and change that such circumstances present.

Aims and objectives

Our aim is to advance the intellectual agenda of global insecurities and to significantly increase our profile and impact in the wider field. The GIC is characterised by:

  • A vibrant research community, comprising academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students.
  • Interdisciplinary scholarship, drawing on security studies, international relations, development studies, sociology and politics.
  • Theoretical diversity, fostering conversations between colleagues working in traditions of constructivism, feminist political theory, historiography, institutionalism, post-structuralism and subaltern realism.
  • Wide-ranging area studies expertise, including Latin America, South Asia, South East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Western Balkans.
  • Critical impact and networking with policy makers and other stakeholder groups.
  • Cross-disciplinary networking with the natural sciences and engineering. Research-led teaching in MSc's on International Security, Development and Security and across the SPAIS teaching programme as a whole.

GIC working groups

GIC working groups provide collective fora through which colleagues can share and collaborate around common research interests. Our current working groups comprise:

GIC research programmes

GIC research programmes comprised dedicated thematic research activities built around consecutive grant capture successes and/or enduring international collaborative networks. Our current research programmes comprise:


Global Insecurities Centre
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