The Forum for Germanic Language Studies

The Forum for Germanic Language Studies (FGLS) is an informal grouping for anyone interested in the linguistics of the Germanic languages, focussing on languages other than Modern English. The group is mainly based in the UK and Ireland. It also functions informally as the British and Irish subject association for academics in the field of Germanic Linguistics. The inaugural meeting was held in Manchester in 1994, under the name of the Forum for German Language Studies. At the 1996 meeting in York the name was changed to reflect the interest in languages other than German.

The purpose of FGLS is to promote research and teaching in the Germanic languages. Together with its American sister organisation, the Society of Germanic Linguistics, FGLS publishes the Journal of Germanic Linguistics (Cambridge University Press). We organise regular conferences (normally every 2 years) and run a mailing list. To coordinate activities, FGLS elects three dedicated officers.

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