Apply for support organising a public event

We are happy to offer advice to colleagues running profile-raising events to external audiences.

We are unable to support all events that take place across the University. We will evaluate the support we can provide on a case-to-case basis, considering whether we have the resource to do so.

The Events team, Communications and Marketing, aims to raise the profile of the University by delivering externally-facing events that contribute to the University's vision, strategy and targets.

We develop and deliver a range of events both nationally and internationally, including graduation ceremonies, building openings and other externally-facing events.

Events we cannot support

We cannot offer support for:

  • Small-scale events.
  • Internally-facing University events focused on staff and/or students.
  • External organisations looking to put on private events - contact the Venues and Events team.
  • Events that host speakers or members of the public that contravene University policy on freedom of speech. For example, a speaker who incites an audience to violence or breach of the peace or to racial hatred, or transgresses the bounds of lawful speech. Equally, assemblies of persons, even if directed to lawful purposes, cease to be lawful if they cause serious disorder or breaches of the peace.

Funding for public events that meet the criteria is available through the endowed lecture funds. Please do get in touch if you are interested in using any of these funds to support your event.

Events we can support

If your event will be open to external audiences and significantly raise the University’s profile, please get in touch so we can evaluate the support we are able to give you.

We are particularly keen to hear from you if your event will involve showcasing the University’s research.

We expect all events we run to have equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainability at their core.

Some of the areas we take into account when assessing the event:

  • Potential PR benefit to the University
  • Who would attend and how popular would the event be?
  • If the event will be in partnership with other organisations
  • Does the event relate to UoB research and expertise?
  • Cost
  • Timing (when the event is and the lead in time)

Apply for support

If you would like to apply for our team to assist in the organisation and/or promotion of your event, please complete the application form, by Friday 26 November 2021.

Contact with any questions.

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