Endowed lecture funds

To find a fund appropriate to your event, please use this list divided by faculty area.

How to apply for endowed lecture funds

Each of the endowed funds are available for use by any member of staff looking to hold a public event.

If you would like to access any of the endowed funds for your event you will need to:

  • Check through the list of endowed funds to match the Faculty and subject of your event
  • Contact the Events Team via public-events@bristol.ac.uk, with a brief synopsis of the event, which endowed fund you would like to access and a proposed budget

The Events team will then inform you whether your event would be suitable and the amount of funding that is available for use.

Endowed lectures

A record of lectures earlier than these can be found in the University Calendars for 1948-49, 1983-85 and 1995.



Health Sciences



Amelia Edwards Lecture in Egyptology

The lecture was established in 1993 by Mr. L. V. Grinsell, sometime Curator in Archaeology at Bristol City Museum and honorary graduate of the University, to commemorate Amelia B. Edwards of Bristol (1831-92), novelist and founder member and first secretary of the Egypt Exploration Society. The endowment provides for an annual lecture in the field of Egyptology.

  • 2015/16: Professor Susanne Bickel - 'Pharaohs, princesses, priests and robbers: recent research in the Valley of the Kings'
  • 2014/15: Dr Jacobus van Dijk - 'The two tombs of Horemheb'
  • 2008/09: Dr Renée Friedman - 'City of the Falcon: New discoveries at Hierakonpolis'
  • 2007/08: Professor Alan B. Lloyd - 'Digging in Egypt'
  • 2006/07: David Singleton - 'The Qasr Ibrim Taharqo Wall-Painting Rescue
  • 2004/05: Maarten Raven - 'The Tomb of Meryneith at Saqqara and its Surroundings'
  • 2003/04: Martin Davies - 'The Drowned Land of Nubia and the Rescue of its Monuments'
  • 2002/03: Dr Salima Ikram - 'Forts, Fountains, Footprints: Recent Work in the Kharga Oasis'
  • 2001/02: Dr Penny Wilson - 'The Ancient, the Old and the Imported: Recent Work at Sais'
  • 2000/01: Professor Miroslav Verne - 'Excavations at the Pyramid-Field of Abusir'
  • 1999/00: Professor Tony Mills - 'Two Decades of Archaeology in an Egyptian Desert Oasis: The Dakley Oasis Project'
  • 1998/99: Professor Peter Warren - 'Egypt and the Aegean at the Beginning of the New Kingdom'
  • 1997/98: Dr. Alain Zivie - 'New Kingdom Rock-Cut Tombs at Saqqara: Excavations and Discoveries'
  • 1996/97: Professor Manfred Bietak, Avaris (Tell el-Dab‘a) - 'Capital of the Hyksos and a residence of the early 18th dynasty'
  • 1995/96: Professor David Peacock and Dr. Valerie Maxfield - 'Mons Claudianus and Mons Porphyrites: Roman Exploitation of the Egyptian Eastern Desert'
  • 1994/95: Professor G. T. Martin - 'Two Decades of Research in the Memphite Necropolis'
  • 1993/94: Mr. Leslie Grinsell - 'The Egyptian Style in English Architecture'

Arthur Mannering Tyndall Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1969 by Professor F. C. Frank to commemorate the services of Professor Arthur Mannering Tyndall, Professor of Physics from 1919 to 1948, to the University and to the H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory. The endowment provides for a lecture on some aspect of the physical sciences to be delivered each alternate year.

  • 2000/01: Professor John Barrow - 'Simplicity Versus Complexity'
  • 1997/98: Professor Stephen Sparks - 'Dynamics of volcanic activity on Montserrat'
  • 1995/96: Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, F.R.S. - 'Making Progress in Understanding'
  • 1993/94: Professor Roger Penrose -' Is there an important gap in our physical understanding?'
  • 1990/91: Dr. Peter N. Pusey - 'Colloids as Atoms'
  • 1988/89: Dr. Jan E. Evetts - 'Superconductors come in from the Cold'
  • 1986/87: Professor J. M. Thomas, F.R.S. - 'Catalysis and Solid State Science'

Arthur Skemp Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1924 chiefly by subscriptions from the friends and former students of the late Professor Arthur Rowland Skemp, who was Winterstoke Professor of English in the University from 1910 to 1918, and who was killed in action in November, 1918.

The fund provides for an occasional lecture in English Literature.

  • 1989/90: Professor Donald Davie - 'Atrocities and Christian Poetry'
  • 1978/79: Professor D. W. Harding, M.A. - 'Father and Daughter in Shakespeare's Last Plays'
  • 1975/76: Professor L. C. Knights, M.A., Ph.D. - 'Poetry and Belief'

Brunel Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1983 by the late Emeritus Professor Sir Alfred Pugsley, Professor of Civil Engineering in the University from 1945 to 1968, and is named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The endowment provides for a biennial lecture to be given by an eminent engineer or engineer-scientist on a subject of current interest to the staff and students of the Faculty of Engineering. The lecturer is chosen by the Dean and Professors of the Faculty of Engineering.

  • 2001/02: Professor Jim Norton - 'The Future of European e-Business (Real Life After the Dotcom Crash)'
  • 1998/99: Martyn Thomas - 'The Millennium Bug: A consumer survival guide'
  • 1995/96: Dr. David Leakey - 'Revolutions and Future Shocks in Telecommunications'
  • 1992/93: Dr. G. B. R. Feilden - 'The contribution of Power Jets Ltd. to jet propulsion'
  • 1990/91: Sir Alan Muir Wood - 'The Channel Tunnel: An Episodic History'
  • 1988/89: Professor J. E. Allen - 'Aerospace in 2038 A.D.: Achievements and Challenges'
  • 1985/86: Geoffrey Myers - 'The Future U.K. Railway System'

Carey Coombs Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was founded in Memory of the late Dr. Carey Coombs.

  • 1985/86: Dr. W. Barritt - 'Appreciating Hypertension: Firm Ground and Quicksands'
  • 1995/96: Professor A. H. Henderson - 'NO Rules: a Cardiovascular Gas'

E. H. Young Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1961 under the terms of the will of the late Mr. R. B. Henderson, a Benefactor of the University. The endowment provides for an annual lecture to be given on the subject "Truth is worthy of pursuit for its own sake".

The Lecturer is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

  • 2004/05: Andrew Beevor - 'Stanlingrad and Berlin: Researching the Reality of War'
  • 2002/03: Professor Charles Tomlinson - 'Poetry and Truth: An Exploration'
  • 2002/03: Andrew Roberts - 'What if?: Can the study of what did not happen in history help us to understand what did?'
  • 1999/00: Professor Roger Short - 'The Truth about our Sexuality'
  • 1997/98: Professor H. C. de Bettignies - '"Competition", "Truth" and "Trust" on the path to "Globalization": Can we survive Ethical Relativism?'
  • 1994/95: Professor Edmund Lisle - 'Scientific Discovery - for business, for society - at any price?'
  • 1993/94: Dr. Maurice Goldsmith - 'An approach to Scientific Literacy'
  • 1992/93: Sir John Kingman - 'Truth in the University'
  • 1991/92: Sir John Bourn - 'Accounting for Truth'
  • 1988/89: Professor R. L. Gregory - 'Truth in Philosophy - Hands-on from Technology'
  • 1987/88: Sir Richard Southern, F.B.A., F.R.S.L. - 'The Truth about the Past'
  • 1986/87: Dr. John S. Bell - 'Einstein and Bohr and the Elusive Truth in Quantum Mechanics'
  • 1985/86: Lord Briggs - 'Historical Truth'

Frederick Creech Jones Bristol History Lecture

The Lectureship was established in 1965 by the widow of Mr. Frederick Creech Jones, the Bristol local historian.

The endowment provides for periodic lectures to be delivered on some aspects of local history.

  • 1989/90: David Large - 'Urban Government in Bristol, 1851~1901: Success or Failure?'
  • 1986/87: Dr. Jonathan Barry - 'Bristol Pride: Civic Consciousness in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries'

George Hare Leonard Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1946 by the widow of the late George Hare Leonard, Professor of Modern History. The endowment provides for an annual lecture in the Fine Arts.

The Lecturer is appointed by Council on the recommendation of Senate.

  • 2015/16: Katie Paterson - 'Hollow - a new public artwork'
  • 2013/14: Professor Timon Screech - 'On the 400th Anniversary of the English East India Company in Japan - 1613-2013: A Forgotten Episode in Cultural History'
  • 2010/11: Dr Philip Ball - 'The Invention of Colour'
  • 2008/09: Lord Puttnam - 'Leaning in to the Light'
  • 2007/08: Professor Mieke Bal - 'On Louise Bourgeois'
  • 2003/04: Caroline Collier - 'Art and its Institutions: Placing Arnolfini'
  • 2001/02: Dr. John Carpenter - 'Japanese Paintings of the ‘Floating World’: A Subtle Symbolism of the Erotic'
  • 1999/00: Dr. Paul Holberton - 'Giorgione and his legacy: receptions and reputations'
  • 1997/98: Peter Hardie - '"The clay that I am made of once was man": new research on the Schiller brothers’ collecting'
  • 1995/96: Professor Kenneth McConkey - '"Dots, Spots, Stripes and Bands": British Impressionists'
  • 1993/94: Dr. Marilyn Minto - 'Russian Icons - Windows into Heaven'
  • 1991/92: Dr. Warwick Bray - 'The Aztec Great Temple of Tenochtitlan'
  • 1989/90: Professor David Bindmand - 'British Art and the French Revolution: The Sans-Culottes and the London Mob'
  • 1988/89: Dr. John House - 'Manet and Bourgeois Values'
  • 1987/88: Dr. John Gage - 'Colour Harmony and Technology from the Romantics to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: George Field and his Circle'
  • 1986/87: Professor Julian Gardner, F.S.A. - 'The Chapel of St. Nicholas at Tolentino and the Functions of a Mediaeval Fresco Cycle'

Hawkins Memorial Lecture

This lectureship was established in 1992 thanks to a bequest to the Department of Computer Science by the late Walter Anstey Hawkins, a former Chairman and Managing Director of both the Bristol Evening Post and the Bristol United Press, who had a longstanding interest in the development of computers and their application to the newspaper publishing industry. The endowment provides for periodic lectures by distinguished speakers on the influence of computer technology on all aspects of contemporary life.

  • 1994/95: Alan A. Benjamin, O.B.E. - 'Learning in the 21st century - a proposal'
  • 1993/94: The Earl of Stockton - 'Gutenburg and Chips!'

John Taylor Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1975 by subscription from friends and colleagues of Mr. John K. Taylor, Research Fellow in Education from 1966 to 1974. The endowment provides for periodic lectures on topics related to the research on Crohn's disease.

  • 2004/05: Professor Chris Hawkey - 'Progress on Crohns Disease: Mechanisms, Myths and Medicines'

Kenneth Pridie Memorial Lecture

The Lecture was instituted from funds collected by the South West Orthopaedic Club to commemorate the life and work of Kenneth Pridie, Orthopaedic Surgeon, a graduate of the University of Bristol, Lecturer in Surgery in the University, and first Orthopaedic Surgeon in Bristol Royal Infirmary 1936/63.

  • 1997/98: Professor Christopher Colton - 'The last 5,000 years of fracture care'
  • 1995/96: Professor Ejnar Eriksson - 'Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction'
  • 1993/94: Professor Dr. E. Morscher - 'The Current State of Cup Fixation in Total Hip Replacement'
  • 1991/92: Mr. A. H. C. Ratliff, F.R.C.S. - 'South West Orthopaedics, 1948-1991'
  • 1988/89: Dr. John N. Insall - 'Technique and Complications of Total Knee Replacement'
  • 1985/86: Mr. C. B. Wynne Parry - 'Modern Trends in the Management of Brachial Plexus Lesions'

Lewis Fry Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1924 by the surviving children of the late The Right Hon. Lewis Fry, P.C. first Chairman of the University Council. The endowment provides for an annual lecture to be given by a scholar of distinction on subjects connected with the Fine Arts, History, Literature, Music, the Drama, Philosophy, Theology or Education.,

  • 1975/76: Mr LJ Cohen - 'Legal Proof and the Probability of Justice'
  • 1976/77: Dr Robert Shackelton - 'Printing and Publication in 1748: The Case of "L'esprit des Lois"'
  • 1977/78: Professor PA Brunt - 'Marcus Aurelius and the Ideal Roman Emperor'
  • 1979/80: Professor LW Forster - 'Faust: The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything'
  • 1980/81: John Elliot - 'Truth and Fiction in Television Drama'
  • 1981/82: Sir Cyril Phillips - 'Charles Rowamn and the Making of the English Police'
  • 1982/83: Professor Michael Howard - 'The Concept of Peace'
  • 1983/84: John Ingamells - 'The Making of the Wallace Collection'
  • 1984/85: Professor WH Barber - 'On Editing Voltaire'
  • 1985/86: Professor Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie - 'Shameful Revocation, Glorious Revolution: France, England, 1685-1688'
  • 1986/87: Professor Raymond Williams - 'When was Modernism?'
  • 1987/88: Mr TJ Reed - 'Talking to Tyrants: Dialogues with Power in Eighteenth-Century Germany'
  • 1989/90: Professor PG Walsh - 'How to End an Epic'
  • 1992/93: Professor Conor Cruise O'Brien - 'Edmund Burke, Member for Bristol 1774 to 1780'
  • 1994/95: Professor WE Yates - 'Vienna 1900 and the Consequences: after the Last Days of Mankind'
  • 1995/96: Professor Peter Thomson - 'Victorian Melodrama and Popular Religion'
  • 2016/17: Shakespeare 400

Long Fox Memorial Lecture

The Edward Long Fox Memorial Fund was raised by subscription among the friends of Edward Long Fox, M.D., F.R.C.P. (1832~1902), Physician at the Bristol Royal Infirmary from 1857 to 1877 and Lecturer in the Bristol Medical School from 1869 to 1874. The income from the fund is used mainly to provide an annual lecture on some subject connected with medicine or the allied sciences, to be held at University College, Bristol (later the University of Bristol) and given by a lecturer either selected from Bristol or the neighbourhood or who has been a student or a member of the teaching staff. The first lecture was given by Dr. J. Beddoe in 1904. In 1958 the Trusteeship of the Fund was transferred to the University.

  • 2004/05: Richard Gregory - 'Behind the Eyes- Before the Mind'
  • 2003/04: Baroness Onora O'Neill - 'Trust and Accountability in Medicine'
  • 2002/03: Professor Sir Denis Pereira Gray - 'The Human Side of Medicine'
  • 2001/02: Professor Eric Thomas - 'How Can I be a Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol?'
  • 2000/01: Professor Deborah Sharp - 'Undergraduate Medical Education in Primary Care: the Past, the Present and the Future'
  • 1999/00: Professor David Nutt - 'The Chemical Brain'
  • 1998/99: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Irvine of Lairg - 'The Patient, the Doctor, their Lawyers and the Judge: Rights and Duties'
  • 1997/98: Professor John Terblanche - 'Healthcare in South Africa - a changing scene'
  • 1996/97: Mr Paul Lear - 'Organ Transplantation'
  • 1995/96: Dr. Sandy Macara - 'Policies for Healthcare - Retrospect and Prospect'
  • 1994/95: Professor J. L. Burton - 'The Mysteries of Masculinity. Is the Modern Mister a Myth?'
  • 1992/93: Professor Paul A. Dieppe - 'Arthritis is preventable, but at what cost and with what consequences?'
  • 1991/92: Professor Gordon K. Wilcock - 'Alzheimer's Disease: Current Research'
  • 1990/91: Mr. Hugh B. Coakham - 'Brain Tumours - Hopes for the Future'
  • 1989/90: Professor June K. Lloyd - 'Coronaries, Cholesterol and Children'
  • 1988/89: Dr. Alfred P. C. H. Roome - 'The A.I.D.S. Pandemic: Aspects of Epidemiology'
  • 1987/88: Dr. Martin G. Mott - 'Mutation, Malformation and Malignancy'
  • 1986/87: Mr. Charles N. Clarke - 'Health Care and Medical Education: A Conflict?'
  • 1985/86: Mr. R. C. L. Feneley, F.R.C.S. - 'The Assessment of Urological Opprobia'

Loveday Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1946 by subscriptions from colleagues and other friends, to commemorate Dr. Thomas Loveday's valued service as Vice-Chancellor of the University.

The fund provides for an annual lecture on Music, possibly illustrated by a recital, or for a concert of Chamber Music. The income may occasionally be used to defray the cost of a Bishop Butler Lecture upon Christian Ethics.

  • 2003/04: David Owen-Norris - 'What's the Point of Classical Music?'
  • 2002/03: Rupert Christiansen - 'English? National? Opera?'
  • 2000/01: Professor John Deathridge - 'The Sound of Dreams before Freud'
  • 1998/99: Professor Margaret Bent - 'Authenticity and early music: "Sound-proof" music and the "face-value" fallacy'
  • 1997/98: Professor Adrian Thomas - 'Between Lenin and the Tango: the fate of music on Polish radio 1945-1960'
  • 1996/97: Professor Reinhard Strohm - 'Compositional and Contextual History of Music'
  • 1995/96: Professor the Rev. D. B. Forrester - 'Christian Theology and Today’s Debate (Bishop Butler Lecture)'
  • 1993/94: Professor Eric Clarke - 'Perceiving Expression in Musical Performance'
  • 1992/93: Mr. Philip Pickett - 'Behind the Mask: Monteverdi's L'Orfeo'
  • 1991/92: Professor David Brown - 'Tchaikovsky and the snub-nosed monster'
  • 1990/91: The Rt. Revd. David E. Jenkins - 'Sources of Value and Resources for Politics (Bishop Butler Lecture)'
  • 1989/90: Dr. Christopher Page - 'Approaches to the Performance of Mediaeval Music'
  • 1988/89: Professor J. D. Harvey - 'New Directions in Electronic Music'
  • 1987/88: Professor Michael A. E. Dummett - 'Nation, People, Race (Bishop Butler Lecture)'
  • 1986/87: Professor Brian Newbould - 'The Great Beyond: Schubert's Symphonic Journey'
  • 1985/86: Professor Eric Taylor - 'Javanese Gamelan Music - An Introduction'

Paul Esser Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1972 by friends of the late Paul Esser, a medical student at the University and President of the University Underwater Club, who died while cave-diving in Porth yr Ogof in February 1971.

The endowment provides for an annual lecture on a subject within the general field of water sports or allied activities, particularly swimming, diving, caving, cave-diving, life-saving, underwater medicine, canoeing and mountaineering.

  • 2001/02: Jim Shekhdar - 'Alone in the Pacific'
  • 2000/01:Iain Percy - 'Sporting Excellence from Bristol to Olympic Gold'
  • 1994/95: Simon Ekin - 'From the Cape to the Cotswolds - a 13,000-kilometre cycle ride'
  • 1993/94: Rob Palmer - 'Man under Water: new trends in underwater exploration'
  • 1992/93: John Sparks - 'Behind the Scenes'
  • 1991/92: John Allen - 'Walks in the Mountains of Britain and Europe'
  • 1990/91: Dr. N. C. Flemming - 'Underwater Cities: Submerged Stone-Age Settlements'
  • 1989/90: John Harrison - 'Canoe Expeditions in South America'
  • 1988/89: Jim Curran - 'Mountain Visions'
  • 1987/88: Peter Cliff - 'Ski Mountaineering'
  • 1986/87: John Earle - 'The Springs of Adventure'
  • 1985/86: Mick Fowler - British Ice

Read-Tuckwell Lectures

The University received a residuary bequest from Mrs. Tuckwell to establish a Read-Tuckwell Lectureship with the requirement that the lecturer should deliver a course of lectures upon Human Immortality or related topics.

  • 1997/98: Conference on: 'Medieval Futures. Looking to the Future: Plans, Predictions and Provisions'
  • 1994/95: Professor Jan Bremmer - 'The Afterlife, Ancient and Modern'
  • 1993/94: Professor Stephen Clark - 'How to live forever'
  • 1992/93: Baroness Mary Warnock - 'Imagination and Continuity'
  • 1990/91: Professor Alistair Fowler - 'Love, Death and Fame in the English Renaissance'
  • 1988/89: Professor Martha Nussbaum - 'Angels of the Fallen World: Novels and Moral Philosophy'
  • 1987/88: Father Simon Tugwell, O.P. - 'Human Immortality: Eternal Life and the Saving of Death'
  • 1986/87: Dr. Onora O'Neill - 'What may I hope? and Enlightenment and Immanent Religion'
  • 1985/86: Professor Richard Sorabji - 'Closed Time and Immortality'

Sculpture and Architecture: the Perry Bequest

Further provision for art lectures was made in 1944 by the bequest of £1,200 by the late Miss M. P. Perry, for long herself a member of the Art Lectures Committee. The sum was left to the University for the promotion and encouragement of the study of architecture and sculpture in the city of Bristol and in particular to arrange for public lectures on these subjects - the bequest to be administered by the Art Lectures Committee until such time as a Department or Chair for art subjects is founded, when the bequest would be administered by that Department. The lectures are to be followed by a short class, during which the lecturer will answer questions and suggest authorities for reading and essay topics.

  • 2002/03: Professor John Dixon Hunt - 'The After-Life of Gardens'
  • 2002/03: Dana Arnold - 'Biographical Spaces: Narrating London Through the Duke of Wellington'
  • 2000/01: Geraldine Johnson - 'Getting to Grips with Renaissance Sculpture'
  • 1998/99: Deborah Howard - 'Orientating Venice: The migration of architectural ideas from the Islamic world into mediaeval Venice'
  • 1996/97: Claudine Mitchell - '"Rodin and Fin de Siecle" Culture'
  • 1994/95: John Newman - 'My sole delight is to learn’: Inigo Jones and the transformation of architecture in 17th century England'
  • 1992/93: Christopher Wilson - 'The Architect of the Choir of Bristol Cathedral: an Early English Empiricist?'
  • 1990/91: Timothy Mowl - 'Garden Buildings in Georgian England: "Converse with Good Angells" A Sort of Terror'
  • 1987/88: James Dickie - 'The Arts of Muslim Spain: the Umayyad Period and the Granadine Period'
  • 1986/87: Nicholas Penny - 'Private Enterprise and Public Sculpture'

Watson-Williams Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1939 with the proceeds of a legacy from the late Dr. Patrick Watson-Williams, Lecturer in Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology, and until 1961 was delivered every third year. Arrangements were made with the South Western Laryngological Association that, as from 1964, the lecture would be arranged every second year, in conjunction with the Association's clinical meeting.

  • 2001/02: Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz - 'Papillima Viruses and Cancer'
  • 1999/00: Professor George Browning - 'Controversies in Otology'
  • 1997/98: Professor Michael Gleeson - 'Dilemmas in Salivary Gland Surgery'
  • 1995/96: Professor Arnold Maran - 'The 21st-Century Otolaryngologist - Fact or Fiction?'
  • 1993/94: Professor Sir Donald Harrison - 'Moral Dilemmas in Head and Neck Surgery'
  • 1991/92: Professor Anders Tjellstrom - 'Cranio-Facial Prostheses and Hearing Aids retained on Skin-Penetrating Implants'
  • 1989/90: Professor R. Th. E. Wentges - 'Beethoven and his Deafness'
  • 1987/88: Mr. Omar H. Shaheen F.R.C.S. - 'Cancer of the Thyroid Gland as it affects the Otolaryngologist'
  • 1985/86: Dr. T. Manford McGee - 'Laser Energy in Tympano Mastoid Surgery'

Walter Frederick Whittard Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was established in 1969 by subscriptions from friends and former students to commemorate the services of Professor W. F. Whittard as Chaning Wills Professor of Geology from 1937 to 1966. The endowment provides for a lecture on some aspect of the earth sciences to be delivered every second year.

  • 2013/14: Philip England - 'Continental Deformation and Seismic Hazard: What are the Rules?'
  • 2011/12: Kathy Cashman - 'Volcanoes to Vineyards: How Lava Flows Shape the Landscape'
  • 1992/93: Richard Leakey - 'Origins of Humanity'

E. H. W. Wilmott Memorial Lecture

This Lectureship was named after the man who, in 1942, gave the University Ubley Warren Farm, near Charterhouse, on Mendip. As a result of the sale of this farm, a sum of money is provided annually by the Board of Trustees to the School of Veterinary Sciences for the purpose of inviting suitable speakers to deliver one, or more, public lectures on a subject relevant to veterinary science. The Lecturer is nominated by the Board of Veterinary Studies.

  • 2015/16: Professor Michael Lee - Do livestock have a role in global food security?
  • 2013/14: Professor Christoph Meulling - 'Made for walking - comparing structure, function and stress of the bovine and equine digit'
  • 2010/11: Professor Joe Brownlie - 'Who owns disease?'
  • 2001/02: Ben Gill - 'What future for British farming, post foot-and-mouth?'
  • 2000/01: Dr John Grandage - 'Gross delights - reflections of an anatomist'
  • 1998/99: Professor Roy Anderson - 'The BSE epidemic in Great Britain and the emerging epidemic of vCJD in humans'
  • 1997/98: Dr Ian Wilmut - 'Dolly: the age of biological control?'
  • 1996/97: Dr Juliet Rogers - 'Bare bones: the archaeology of disease'
  • 1995/96: Dr Richard Sharpe - 'Sex, the foetus and fertility'
  • 1994/95: Professor Ian Hart - 'Molecular approaches to gene therapy of cancer'
  • 1993/94: Dr James Kirkwood - 'Wildlife conservation, welfare and captivity'
  • 1992/93: Dr John W. Maunder - 'Mites and men'
  • 1991/92: Professor Jan Van Logtestijn - 'Meat safety: a European perspective'
  • 1990/91: Dr James Hope - 'Molecular and cellular aspects of Scrapie and BSE'
  • 1989/90: Professor Colin R. W. Spedding - 'The future of animal production in the UK'
  • 1988/89: John E. Cooper, FRCVS - 'Algae, auks and axolotls: veterinary challenges in the 21st century'
  • 1987/88: Professor David E. Onions - 'Retroviruses: agents of disease and vehicles for therapy'

Wilson Baker Visiting Lectureship

The Wilson Baker Visiting Lectureship was founded in 1965 to commemorate the association with the University of Professor Wilson Baker, M.A.. D.Sc., F.R.S., as Alfred Capper Pass Professor of Organic Chemistry during the years 1945~1965. The endowment subscribed by friends and former students provides each year for a distinguished scientist to visit the School of Chemistry and to deliver one or more lectures.

  • 2012/13: Professor J.Thomas - 'Approaches to the Synthesis of Some Biologically Active Compounds'
  • 2011/12: Professor J.Vederas - 'Natural Products Biosynthesis by Fungal Polyketide Synthases'
  • 2010/11: Professor J.Pickett - 'Organic Chemistry to the Rescue of Plant Genetics'
  • 2009/10: Professor G.Morris - 'Memoirs of an INEPT and DOSY NMR Technician'
  • 2007/08: Professor S.Withers - 'Engineering and Evolution of Old Enzymes for New Tasks: Glycoside Assembly'
  • 2006/07: Professor C Robinson - 'Mass Spectrometry of Non Convalent Complexes - More than the sum of the parts'
  • 2005/06: Professor S.Warren - 'Ph2PO: A Migrating Functional Group in Organic Synthesis'
  • 2004/05: Professor  L.Mander - 'Enabling Strategies for the Assembly Complex Polycyclic Natural Products'
  • 2003/04: Professor J. Staunton - 'New Drugs from Old Bugs - Efforts to Engineer Biosynthetic Pathways'
  • 2002/03: Professor R. Alder - 'The Chemistry of Diaminocarbenes'
  • 2001/02: Professor G. Pattenden - 'Synthetic Studies Towards Target Natural Products'
  • 1999/00: Professor Philip Kocienski - 'Applications of XX-allyl molybdenum complexes in natural product synthesis'
  • 1999/00: Professor Francois Diederich - 'Covalent fullerene chemistry: Regio- and stereoselective multiple functionalisation, chirality and supramolecular materials'
  • 1997/98: Professor E. Constable - 'New directions in metallosupramolecular chemistry'
  • 1995/96: Professor J. Fraser Stoddart - 'Self assembly in organic synthesis'
  • 1993/94: Professor S. Ley - 'Synthesis and chemistry of azadirachtin'
  • 1992/93: Professor G. Eglinton - 'Molecular signals from the past'
  • 1991/92: Professor D. Arigoni - 'Synthesis and detection of chiral t-Butyl groups'
  • 1990/91: Professor P. D. Magnus - 'Synthesis of Diynene anti-tumor agents'
  • 1989/90: Professor J. MacMillan - 'The Gibberellin Plant Hormones'
  • 1988/89: Dr. G. Wulff - 'Molecular Recognition in Polymers prepared by Imprinting with Templates'
  • 1987/88: Professor J. E. Baldwin, F.R.S. - 'Biosynthetic Pathways to Penicillins and Cephalosporins'
  • 1986/87: Professor M. C. Whiting - 'Pure N-paraffins as Models for Linear Polyethylene'
  • 1985/86: Professor K. P. C. Vollhardt - 'Cobalt-mediated Cycloadditions in the Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Products'

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