Ethnicity and migration in the study of societies and polities

The Centre co-ordinates and promotes the study of ethnicity

The Centre of Ethnicity and Citizenship, based within SPAIS, recognises the importance of ethnicity and citizenship to the study of contemporary societies and polities, and to prospects for social justice and social cohesion. The Centre has an international reputation – frequently referred to as ‘the Bristol school’ – for its work on multiculturalism, religious identity, Muslim minorities, governance, citizenship, integration, and ethnic inequalities. It combines research into political discourses and socio-economic structures with an interest in everyday practices, culture, and experience on the one hand, and normative theory on the other. In 2019, the Centre marked its 20th anniversary with a major international conference on ‘Multiculturalism, Nationalism, Religions and Secularism’. CSEC edits the Palgrave 'Politics of Identity and Citizenship' book series and the journal 'Ethnicities'.

Activities, ongoing projects and research

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Ethnicities Journal (published by SAGE)

The very best critical, interdisciplinary dialogue on questions of ethnicity, nationalism and related issues such as identity politics and minority rights. 

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Centre for the study of ethnicity and Citizenship


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