Technical Services

Our students and staff benefit from the expertise and dedication of a large team of technical specialists. They keep our state-of-the art equipment in tip-top shape, help us put theory into practice and ensure our teaching and research is industry-relevant.

Cathedral Square facilities

Our human/technology interface hub. The team supports a visual imaging lab and a hackspace to encourage student experimentation and collaboration.

Queen's Building facilities

A large team of specialists look after 45 spaces such as the supersonic wind tunnel, geomechanics area, CUBESAT laboratory and nanoengineering suite. 

Workshops and fabrication

The team that makes possible the design and creation of mechanical, electrical, electronic, electromechanical assemblies, components and hardware. 

Two researchers using lab equipment Teaching and development

Educators and apprentice technical staff teach and assist in laboratories and classes. They help students with projects and provide ad-hoc support for teaching and research. 


Technical team documents, links and contact information for current staff and students only.

Technical services on the Engineering staff and pgr intranet.


An A to Z of engineering-related facilities in the faculty and beyond.

Student workshop Student workshop

More on our student workshop facilities.

1 Cathedral Square laboratories and facilities

  • Digital L Suite (1.04)
  • Hackspace (1.38)
  • Human Participant Laboratory (1.21)
  • Psycho Physics (1.18)
  • QTIC Laboratories (1.41,1.42)
  • Studio (1.10)
  • Subjective Testing (1.20)
  • Visual Imaging Laboratories (1.07,1.09,1.22,1.23)

Queen's Building laboratories and facilities

  • ACCIS Laboratory (L.125)
  • BIG Laboratories (0.04 - 0.04A)
  • Biomed Laboratory CMM (M.039)
  • BLADE Dynamics Mezzanine (M.080)
  • CAMPI Project- Hele Shaw (B.L.153)
  • Composites Clean Room (L.108)
  • Computer Room (L.151)
  • Concrete Preparation Laboratory (L.010)
  • CREEP Laboratory (L.037-038)
  • CUBESAT Laboratory (2.14)
  • Digital Manufacturing Laboratory (M.002)
  • Dynamics Laboratory (L.080)
  • Earthquake Laboratory and Tech Office (L.090-091)
  • EEMG Drives and Dynos (0.07A-C)
  • EEMG Laboratories (0.08A-D, 0.08G, 0.08H)
  • EEMG Research Lab (0.06)
  • Electrical Drives Balcony (B.M.008)
  • Electrical Drives Laboratory (L.002)
  • Flight Research Laboratories (1.62, 1.65)
  • Fume Cupboard (L.152)
  • Geomechanics (L.039-048)
  • Heavy and Light Test Laboratories (L.104,105,107)
  • Hiperdiff Rig (F.08)
  • Hydro Laboratory- Hele Shaw (L.150)
  • Imaging Suite/Laboratory (F.09B)
  • Library (Index testing Room) (L.043)
  • Light Structures (Basement) (F.09)
  • LiPo Battery Charging Bay (L.103)
  • Nanoengineering Suite (0.29-33)
  • NDT Laboratory and Faraday Cage (1.1,1.1A,1.2)
  • Optical Laboratories (0.03A-E)
  • Oven/Furnace Laboratory (L.127)
  • Pump Room (B.L.012)
  • Residual Stress Laboratory (L.008)
  • Resin Chemistry Laboratory (L.124)
  • Resin Preparation Laboratory (L.109)
  • Slopey Store (L.009)
  • Strain Guage Laboratory (L.102)
  • Strain Guage Preparation Laboratories (L.110-111)
  • Strain Guage Prep Laboratory (M.102)
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel (L.100)
  • Thermofluids Laboratory/ UG Project Area (M.006)
  • Wet Preparation Laboratory (F.09A)
  • Wind Tunnel Laboratories (L.120,123)
  • Wind Tunnel Return Section (B.F.014A-B)

Meet the team (staff and students only)

Queen's building workshops and fabrication spaces 

  • Aluminium Store (L.035)
  • Central Workshop (L.031-034)
  • Composites Workshop (L.060)
  • DMP Store (L.06A)
  • Electrical Workshop (L.032)
  • Faculty Workshop Office (L.033)
  • PCB Workshop (L.054)
  • Slidey Store (Composites Workshop) (L.059)
  • Steel Saw Room (L.036)
  • Student Workshop (L.030)

Meet the team (staff and students only)

Teaching and development laboratories and spaces 

Meet the team (staff and students only)

Queen's building:-

  • Acrylic Store (L.051)
  • Anechoic Chamber (1.36)
  • Electrical Teaching Laboratories (0.09, 0.10)
  • General Engineering Laboratory (L.050)
  • Project Spaces (M.005B, M.L.04, 05)
  • Propulsion Laboratory (L.055)
  • QUANSER Laboratory (0.8)

Merchant Venturers Building:-

  • Communication Systems and Networks (CSN) Laboratory (1.35)
  • Computer Science Laboratories (2.11,2.16)
  • Computer Science Research Laboratory (1.15)
  • Computer Systems and Networks Laboratory (1.31)
  • Cryptography
  • Cyber Security Laboratory (0.02)
  • Faculty Computing Laboratories (1.07,1.08)
  • Hackspace (1.06)
  • Lecture Rooms (1.11,1.11a)
  • Light Workshop (1.37)
  • Polymer Blending (1.35a)
  • Project Spaces
  • Smart Internet Laboratory (0c.10a)
  • Student Project Laboratory (2.09)
  • Tech Hub (2.02)
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