Algorithms and Complexity

We study various aspects of the theory and practice of algorithms. The goal of our research is both to provide scalable solutions to existing problems and to understand the limits of what is possible.

The quantity of data available in digital form continues to increase at an exponential rate. The need for faster and more accurate algorithms is now more important than ever before. We also want to understand where improvements are impossible by establishing provable lower bounds, both in terms of space and time. 

PhD opportunities

We are always looking for strong PhD applicants in the general areas of algorithms, lower bounds and the theory of computing. If you have a strong background in computer science and/or mathematics, and are interested in any of our research areas, please get in touch.

Please see our  PhD Opportunity - Machine learning for program synthesis.

People who analyze algorithms have double happiness. First of all they experience the sheer beauty of elegant mathematical patterns that surround elegant computational procedures. Then they receive a practical payoff when their theories make it possible to get other jobs done more quickly and more economically.

Donald Knuth
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