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Layered Realities Montage

Montage of the World's first urban 5G showcase in Bristol's Millennium Square, March 2018.

5G Digital Innovation

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou and others explain the importance of the Smart Lab in 5G innovation.


5G-XHaul video for the project conclusion and final dissemination workshop.

5G Programmable Node

Dr Arash Farhadi Beldachi shares his demonstration of the 5G programmable node.

Smart Cities

Alex Mavromatis talks about Software Defined Intelligent IoT infrastructure for Smart Cities.

Twisted Light

Photonics - the technical art of moving vast amounts of data via light.


Autonomous vehicles will revolutionise the automotive industry and the way we travel.


Software Defined Networking - the technological brain behind data exchange.


Field-programmable gate array - an integrated circuit (IC) that can be programmed in the field.

Anechoic Chamber

Our chamber allows for the study of radio wave measurement with limited interference.

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