IN2DREAMS: Intelligent Solutions 2wards the Development of Railway Energy and Assessment Management Systems in Europe

Research area Transport intelligence
Dates 1 September 2017 - 31 August 2019
Funder Horizon 2020 
Contact person Dr Anna Tzanakaki

The predicted growth of transport, especially in European railway infrastructures, is expected to introduce a dramatic increase in freight and passenger services by the end of 2050.  To support sustainable development of these infrastructures, novel data-driven ICT solutions are required.  These will enable monitoring, analysis and exploitation of energy and asset information for the entire railway system, including power grid, stations, rolling stock and infrastructure. 

IN2DREAMS will address these challenges through two distinct workstreams (WS1: focusing on the management of energy-related data, WS2: focusing on the management of asset-related data).

The expected impact of this project relating to these workstreams is listed below:

(1)  Detailed knowledge of energy flows and consumers’ behaviour inside the railway system

(2)  Energy profile prevision improvement.  Refined knowledge of the traffic disturbances and consequences on system’s energy profiles

(3)  Improved reliability and LCC

(4)  Optimised ROI and ability for developing a better business plan

(5)  A large improvement in line capacity due to more effective asset maintenance management

(6)  Improved reliability – failure modes of current systems will be reduced/eliminated due to the new “intelligent asset management”.

(7)  Significant LCC savings

(8)  Improved safety.

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