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Dr Karcius Day Rosário Assis receives prestigious award from the Alan Turing Institute

19 July 2022

Dr Karcius Day Rosário Assis achieved a career highlight removing stiff competition to be presented with the Post-Doctoral Enrichment Award from The Alan Turing Institute due to his innovative driven ideas for smart cities.

The Smart Internet Lab are delighted to announce that visiting scholar, Dr. Karcius Day Rosário Assis, has been awarded the Post-Doctoral Enrichment Award from The Alan Turning Institute.

Dr Assis, who is visiting from Brazil’s Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), will be analysing “Smart City Planning Using Optimization Techniques.” Specifically, Dr Assis’ work towards creating a more efficient smart city will enable a faster processing time for individuals to interact with objects such as a smart TVs, automobiles and other electronic devices within the home and city.

This project will extend preliminary works researching 5G networks to include artificial intelligence techniques. The aim of the project is to identify the optimal mix of transport network technologies, both optical and wireless, and processing modules that are required to support 5G services in a cost and energy efficient manner using machine learning techniques. In addition, Dr Assis will design a Metro-Access network that satisfies the application requirements for the Smart City of the future.

Dr Assis said “I’m honoured to have received such a prestigious award from The Alan Turning Institute and work at the Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol. The possibility of studying various topics in data science will help broaden my research perspective and give me the opportunity to work towards creating new ways of connecting and interacting with everything around us.”

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