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PhD: End-to-End Dynamic and Entanglement based Quantum Networking

Closing Date: Available now

This PhD will focus on one or multiple of the following topics with Proof of Concepts where applicable within context of an end-to-end and dynamic quantum secure network:

  • Dynamic QKD networking for access network (e.g. including IoT), metro and core networks support dynamic switching and routing of quantum channels
  • End-to-end quantum security utilising cascade and/or overlay of multiple quantum security protocols and technologies
  • Dynamic Entanglement distribution and networking for moving the quantum security information across the network
  • Integration and co-existence scenarios and solutions for quantum and post-quantum security protocols
  • Consistence of quantum secure communication channels with classical communication channels in a WDM/Flexi-WDM system.
  • Novel quantum-based authentication technologies such as Physically Unclonable Functions

This PhD project will focus on developing media-aware network slicing solutions and management algorithms that will enable different forms of media services to be deployed and coexist in shared infrastructures, while allowing customised level of performance guarantees. The work will involve development of intelligent resource management and dynamic resource allocation, multi-tenancy support and performance optimisation, to deliver end-to-end network services to various media applications.

This PhD project at the Smart Internet Lab will contribute to achieve perceptually optimised media delivery and interactivity within the MyWorld programme. Launched in April 2021, MyWorld is part of a UK-wide exploration into devolved research and development funding (UKRI video). 


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