AI and data science

The huge amounts of data we now have access to only have value by extracting the knowledge and insights that come from it. Finding ways that enable machines to extract this knowledge and insight without need for human intervention opens up whole new avenues of data exploration.

Key research expertise

Machine learning

  • Statistical ML
  • Uncertainty/fuzzy systems
  • Intelligence reasoning
  • Deep learning
  • Inductive logic programming

Machine learning applications

  • Web intelligence
  • Machine translation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Semantic image analysis
  • Robotics
  • Natural intelligent systems
  • Computational neuroscience

Computer vision, image processing and visual communications

  • Image and video communications
  • Robust video communications
  • Rate-quality optimisation
  • Egocentric vision
  • Image and video understanding: movements, actions, routines, anomaly detection
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality systems
  • Video tracking and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM)
  • Perceptual analysis of video, quality assessment and metrics, immersive measurements
  • Detection and classification of difficult targets and camouflage, biometrics
  • Medical image analysis, digital health applications and bio-imaging
  • Statistical and sparse image processing, computational imaging
  • Vision for autonomous systems
  • Noise reduction and intelligent image enhancement

Data mining and analytics

  • Financial modelling

Research groups

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