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Fifth international workshop in the measuring strength series

20 October 2022

Professors Michael Wisnom of Bristol Composites Institute, Yentl Swolfs of KU Leuven and Federico Paris of the University of Seville hosted an online workshop on Transverse Strength on 20th October.

 "Measuring transverse strengths of composites and the factors affecting it’’ was discussed at the event which forms part of an online series where each workshop investigates measuring the strength of composite materials. This is the fifth in a series, following on from previous events on defining strength in October 2020, measuring tensile strength in March 2021, UD Compression Strength in October 2021 and Shear strength in March 2022.

The workshop comprised of the paper presented by Federico Paris, followed by a series of short presentations and further discussion with people from across the globe participating.

For those who could not attend or would like to rewatch the content, a recording of the workshop is available to watch on the Bristol Composites Institutes YouTube channel. The PowerPoint presentations and the paper summarising the topic are available for download via the links below.

Workshop Programme:

Meeting introduction – Federico Paris (University of Seville)

‌Topic presentation:

5-minute presentations:

  • Cavitation on a thermoplastic matrix for a UD composite subject to transverse compression (Brazilian test) - Lucien Laiarinandrasana (PDF, 4,090kB)) (Mines Paris PSL)

  • Transverse biaxial tests on long fibre reinforced composites - Elene Correa (PDF, 1,239kB) (University of Seville)

  • Size effects in transverse tensile strength - Michael Wisnom (PDF, 1,360kB) (University of Bristol)

  • New test approach to determine the transverse tensile strength of CFRP with regard to the size effect - Bodo Fiedler (PDF, 754kB) (Hamburg University of Technology)

  • Experimental analysis of polymer matrix composite microstructures under transverse compression loading - Mark Flores (PDF, 1,084kB) (Air Force Research Laboratory)

  • Transverse failure initiation – a dilatational stress controlled failure event in the glassy polymer matrix - Leif Asp (PDF, 419kB) (Chalmers University of Technology)

  • The importance of micromechanics in the understanding of transverse strength concept in composites - Federico Paris (PDF, 1,154kB) (University of Seville)

  • The role of local stress triaxiality in determining the transverse tensile strength of UD composites - Rames Talreja (PDF, 181kB) (Texas A&M)
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