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Industrial Doctorate Centre at ECCM20

22 June 2022

We are pleased to announce that a team of EngD students from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funded Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture will be presenting their latest work at ECCM 20 (the 20th European Conference on Composite Materials) in Lausanne, Switzerland – 26-30 June 2022.

There are two special sessions dedicated to Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture in the afternoon of 28 June. Posters from all the presentations will be on display during the afternoon refreshment break if you cannot attend the session. We will have an information booth in the exhibition at the conference, please visit booth #6 to find out more about our research, opportunities to study with us and the work of the Bristol Composites Institute  and their research projects NextCOMP and CerTest. Professor Ivana Partridge the founder of the Industrial Doctorate Centre  starts the afternoon’s proceedings with a keynote presentation.  

We have chosen to showcase the work at ECCM as it brings together participants from academia and industry who share an interest in Composite Materials and is the main European forum for knowledge exchange on recent accomplishments and future trends in Composite materials. This year’s conference is on the theme of “Composite meet Sustainability” and will highlight sustainability aspects which are prominent in the research projects in our Centre.  

We are proud to present the following:  

Ivana Partridge, University of Bristol
Keynote Lecture: Toughening approaches in composites – a perspective. 

Current EngD Students from the IDC will present their research project on Tuesday afternoon in  G3.7 chaired by Janice Dulieu-Barton 

Zoe Fielden‐Stewart, Ian Hamerton, Marie Pervier, Rob Backhouse 
Mode I ice adhesion of a commercial cyanate ester and a corresponding polymer blend 

Bethany Grimes 
Braiding Characterisation and Optimisation 

Jack Holyoak, Alix Sauget, Lee Harper 
Manufacturing Advanced Structural Composites from Sustainable Prepreg Materia. 

Robbie Herring, Kirsten Dyer, Carwyn Ward 
Leading Edge Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades: An Investigation into Translating Test Results to In‐situ Performance. 

Anastasios Danezis, David Williams, Alex Skordos  
Real time remote approximation of nip point temperatures in automated tape placement. 

Claudia Jimenez Martin, Vincent Maes, Turlough McMahon, James Kratz  
Forming of complex aerostructures for next generation aircraft wings.  

Joe Soltan Jamie Hartley, Janice Dulieu-Barton, James Kratz 
Modular Infusion: Novel Approaches to Segregation and Control of Flow Fronts Within Liquid Resin Moulding. 

Huw Edwards, Janice Dulieu‐Barton, Chul Kim Byung, Daniel Galpin, Marcus Walls‐Bruck  
The effect of test parameters on the microcracking behaviour of carbon composite laminates during cryogenic conditioning. 

Lachlan M. Williams, Adam J. Thompson, Stephen R. Hallett, Jonathan P‐H. Belnoue 
Development of Forming Simulation Capabilities for use in Large‐Scale Next ‐ Generation Composite Aerospace Structures. 

Philip Druiff, Amit Visrolia, Carwyn Ward  
Towards data‐driven automated fibre placement with computer aided manufacturing in the loop. 

William Darby, Ole Thomsen, Sean Cooper, Matt Etchells 
Warpage Prediction for Large Thermoplastic Composite Overmoulded Aerostructures. 

Patrick Sullivan, Steve Eichhorn, Ian Hamerton, Vicky Summers 
Reducing the length of recycled carbon fibres to improve dispersion behaviour and enable highly aligned carbon fibre materials 

Students will be available to talk about their research at our special session during the coffee break on Tuesday 28 June afternoon. 


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