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Successful online workshop on Composite Strength

9 October 2020

15 October 2020

Professor Michael Wisnom, Director of the Bristol Composites Institute, together with Federico Paris from the University of Seville, organised a successful online workshop on Composite Strength on Friday 9 October.

The online workshop addressed the question "How do we define and measure strength of a composite?", and the organisers were pleased to see so many people attending.

Over 100 people from around the world participated in the workshop and engaged in interesting discussions after the presentations.

You can watch the presentations and the discussions on the Bristol Composite Institute's YouTube channel. The PowerPoint presentations and a paper summarising the topic are available for download via the links below.


Workshop Programme

Meeting Introduction and Background – Ramesh Talreja (Texas A&M University)

Topic Presentation:

  • Michael Wisnom (Bristol Composites Institute) and Federico Paris (University of Seville) – How do we define and measure strength of a composite?
  • Federico Paris – Strength: Damage or rupture?

Definition of Strength: 

  • Ramesh Talreja (Texas A&M University) – Defining strength of UD composites based on the characteristics of their failure processes
  • Hao Cui (University of Cranfield) – Is there a true strength for composite material?
  • Silvestre Pinho (Imperial College London) – Strength: not just materials science and not just a number
  • Tony Waas (University of Michigan) – Strength of continuous fibre reinforced composites

Strength at Different Scales:

  • Young W. Kwon (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey) – Composite Strength in terms of the perspective of constituent materials
  • Soraia Pimenta (Imperial College London) – Defining strength in (dis)continuous composites
  • Stephen Hallett (Bristol Composites Institute) – How does material strength translate to structural scale failure?

Measuring Strength:

  • Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen (Technical University of Denmark) – On the tensile strength of uni-directional carbon fiber-reinforced composites      
  • Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven) – Proper tensile testing of unidirectional composite materials
  • Frédéric Laurin (ONERA The French Aerospace Lab) – Analysis of different standard and innovative tests to determine the longitudinal compressive strength of a carbon/epoxy UD ply

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