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UK/Japan Workshop on Composites

25 April 2013

UK/Japan Workshop on Composites

Sponsored by EPSRC Building Global Engagement in Research (BGER) award and supported by the British Composites Society, ACCIS hosted a UK-Japan International Composites Research Workshop on March 25th 2013. The workshop was very successful, bringing together participants from industry, universities and other organisations to hear about recent developments in composites research in the UK and Japan.

Details of the programme

Evaluation of effect of voids on initial failure in CFRP laminates

Prof. Masaki Hojo, Kyoto University

Predicting failure in composites

Prof. Michael Wisnom, University of Bristol

Analytical study on Compressive Strength of Composite Laminates with Impact Damage

Prof. Hiroshi Suemasu, Sophia University

Prediction, measurement and significance of reinforcement permeability

Prof. Alma Hodzic, University of Sheffield

Simultaneous development of advanced composites and their manufacturing methods

Prof. Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Tokyo University of Science

Recent development of morphing composites

Prof. Paul Weaver, University of Bristol

Multi-objective optimization of curvilinear fiber shapes for laminated composite plates

Prof. Shinya Honda, Hokkaido University

Self-healing fibre reinforced polymer composites

Prof. Ian Bond, University of Bristol

Japanese R&D Activities for Carbon Fiber Innovation

Prof. Kazuro Kageyama,  The University of Tokyo

From a water-epoxy slurry to hierarchical composites containing high loading fractions of CNTs

Prof.  Alex Bismarck, Imperial College

Processing and properties of aligned carbon nanotube /polymer matrix composites

Dr. Toshio Ogasawara, JAXA

Monitoring cure in high performance composites

Prof. Ivana Partridge, University of Bristol


Please visit the link for a copy of all presentations from the workshop.


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