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Dr Ross Woods - new Civil Engineering academic

16 April 2013

Introduction to Dr Ross Woods a new academic member of Civil Engineering

Dr Ross Woods

Dr Ross Woods' primary research interests are in catchment classification, hydrological similarity, and global hydrology. I use a range of approaches to catchment hydrology research, including theoretical and analytical models, numerical modelling, comparative statistical analysis of hydrological data from a wide range of environments, and field measurement of hydrological processes.

Catchment hydrology is challenging to observe, conceptualise and model because it includes interactions among several nonlinear processes, under environmental conditions that are spatially and temporally variable. Detailed theories are available for individual processes such as evaporation, infiltration, porous media flow, and open channel flow, but these theories are difficult to apply to natural river catchments, where these processes interact in environments that have complex spatial and temporal variability. The goal of my research is to produce theories that can be used to make reliable predictions of catchment hydrology directly at the scale of the catchment, anywhere on the planet.

Improving our knowledge and understanding of hydrology is important because water is a vital resource for society and the environment, a significant source of hazards such as floods and landslides, and a crucial element in many other environmental processes.

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