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Department of Aerospace Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Prizes 2012-13

13 August 2013

The winners of Aerospace Engineering department and Faculty of Engineering prizes for 2012-13

The Aerospace Department prize-giving ceremony took place on 15 July at Bristol Grammar School. The industry representatives who attended, included Sir George White, the descendant of the first Sir George, the pioneer of the British aircraft industry, Ian McNeil, Project Manager, Boeing Defence UK Limited and Richard Varvill, Technical Director, Reaction Engines.

Royal Aeronautical Society| Raoul Hafner Prize| Roderick Collar Prize| The Rolls Royce Prize| John Deakin Prize| Reaction Engines Prize| Boeing Prize| Alumni Academic Achievement Award| Hele Shaw Prize| Wertheimer Memorial Prize

Department of Aerospace Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Prizes 2012-13Royal Aeronautical Society Prize

Prize winner: Shashitha Kularatna

Awarded to the best aeronautical engineering student in the final year.

Raoul Hafner Prize

Prize winners: Emma England and Michael Mousdale

Awarded on the recommendation of the Head of  Department to two final year students who submit the most inventive and imaginative project work.

Roderick Collar Prize

Prize winners: Byung Kwon Jung and Robert Worboys

Awarded to two second year aeronautical students  who have combined academic excellence with other activities.

The Rolls Royce Prize

Prize winner: Dominic Chapman

Awarded to the best third year student in aeronautical engineering.

John Deakin Prize

Prize winner: Tom Summers

Awarded to the first year aeronautical engineering student  with the best academic excellence (should be of first class standard).

Reaction Engines Prize

Prize winner: Luke Fongenie

Awarded to the best final year project on a space related topic.

Boeing Project Prize

Prize winners: Rupert Adams and Pete Miller

Awarded on the recommendation of the Head of Department to the final year student who submitted an inventive and imaginative project and for the best MSc Project in Intergrated Aerospace Systems Design.

Alumni Academic Achievement Award

Prize winner: Yannik Mayer

This new award, funded from donations from alumni, is made to the top first-year undergraduate students based on examination/coursework results.

Hele Shaw Prize

Prize winner: Aditi Vyakarnam

Awarded to the student in their Final Year in any Department with a good academic or social record not otherwise covered.

Wertheimer Memorial Prize

Prize winner: Andrew Collings

Awarded to a Final Year student who is considered to have made the best contribution to the life of the Faculty and of their fellow students.

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