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Aerospace Engineering Interacts with China through ‘Plan 111’

6 February 2008

Prof. Friswell and Dr. Peng were invited to the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering at Beihang University for research collaboration in intelligent structures and advanced composites through ‘Plan 111’.

The recently introduced ‘Plan 111’ is jointly organized by the Ministry of Education of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The plan aims to bring in about 1,000 established international researchers from the top 100 universities and research institutes worldwide to team up with Chinese research teams to establish 100 innovation centres in top Chinese universities. The two week visit between 7 and 18 January 2008 was the first interaction of a five year programme with BeihangUniversity (formerly the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) in the research fields of structural dynamics and aerospace structures and materials. The Beihang team was led by Prof. Zhiping Qiu, who is the Deputy Head of the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering. Prof. Friswell and Dr. Peng gave presentations on morphing aircraft and advanced composites, respectively. Several discussions were held with postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and MSc students to gain an overview of the research work being pursued at BeihangUniversity. These fruitful discussions have identified many possibilities in terms of the joint supervision of postgraduate students, and joint research proposals in the general field of morphing structures and advanced composites. In the longer term, a dedicated centre/laboratory is planned to consolidate the research collaboration between Bristol and BeihangUniversities.  During this period, Prof. Friswell and Dr. Peng were also invited to visit TsinghuaUniversity twice, to the School of Aerospace Science and the Department of Precision Instruments.

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