Industrial Mentoring Scheme

We allocate every first-year undergraduate student an industrial mentor, supporting our students to develop into future engineers and computer scientists.

Our mentoring scheme enables students to gain insights into industry through their mentor - exploring how their mentor developed from a student into an engineer or computer scientist. Students meet their mentor, in a small group of other students, multiple times over a calendar year. Some students may be able to visit their mentor on site, an invaluable opportunity to see how their studies may apply in the ‘real-world’.

A selection of 2021 mentoring scheme companies by subject

Current students

Resources for current students are now available on a dedicated Blackboard organisation site, Engineering Employability. If you can't find it in 'My Organisations' on the Blackboard homepage please get in touch

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Joanne Brown - Industrial Liaison Coordinator

Find and use mentors sooner… Seek out people whose style you want to emulate, or who are really good at something that doesn’t come naturally to you, and ask if they will help you learn from them. Build and maintain relationships with people you admire. Your network can be one of your biggest external assets!

Ilham Said (MEng Aerospace Engineering)

It was very satisfying to see the improvement in the students from the first meeting to the last. Their increased experience really comes through in the questions they ask. It also paints a very positive picture for all Bristol University students; I believe the course must be well made as there are clearly very good results over the year.

Andy Darlington (Renishaw PLC), Design Development Engineer
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