Student Opportunities

The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) provides a range of opportunities for our engineering and computer science students to engage with industry.

We are here to support you by providing a range of schemes and activities both within and outside of your degree programme that will help you to explore career options, engage with industry professionals and apply your skills and knowledge.

Close up of male and female looking at display First year mentoring

All first-year students in the faculty are allocated an industrial mentor who is working in a field which is related to your course of study.  They are a great way to find out what a career in your chosen field might be like.

Two people talking together at a networking event Year in Industry

We work with companies to promote a range of placements that students can apply for to gain industry experience to enhance their studies and future employability.

Student projects

Linking groups of students with real-world briefs from industry, for academic projects.

Providing you with an industrial context for what you are taught here at Bristol.

Student Societies

The ILO can help link student societies with industrial partners for technical talks, funding and challenge-based activities such as hackathons, design challenges and much more.

Current students

Resources for current students are now available on a dedicated Blackboard organisation site, Engineering Employability. If you can't find it in 'My Organisations' on the Blackboard homepage please get in touch

Other activities

The ILO student team work in other ways with industry and our student community to enhance your experiences while at Bristol:

  • We produce a newsletter every other week during the academic year, highlighting internship and job opportunities, updates on schemes, competitions and more!
  • We work with industry who are looking to raise their profile in the faculty. This can be done through scholarships, the purchase of kit to support activities, and events with great prizes!
  • We manage the Faculty’s student society grant which provides funds for activities including talks, makeathons and challenges with industry.

Get in touch

It's been invaluable to have access to a professional in the industry to answer any questions that we have – big or small.

Natasha Temple (Engineering Mathematics)

On my placement year I had the chance to apply the whole design process from ideation to production and entry into service, allowing me to fully realise the difference between the theoretical engineering design and the real world engineering.

Kareem Elahee Doomun (Engineering Design)
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