Health and safety

In agreement with the University Safety Policy, it is the aim of the Faculty of Engineering to protect and promote the health and safety of all of its members in order to allow them to pursue their work and study goals free from avoidable pain or distress.

Consequently, it complies with all current legal safety requirements and applies other appropriate measures to achieve a safe working environment and it expects the co-operation of all of its members in these procedures. The intention to promote the health and safety at work of all members of staff and extends also to all students whilst engaged in Faculty of Engineering laboratories.

Please visit Emergency procedures for information regarding emergency contacts and fire drills.

Further information is available for UoB staff on the faculty SharePoint site.

Students can find relevant information on Blackboard.

The first point of contact for health and safety is your line manager or supervisor. If they can't help please get in touch with the Faculty Safety Advisor:

Dr Julie Etches or email

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