Seminar: Optical Intersatellite networks: the HyDRON approach

10 March 2021, 11.00 AM - 10 March 2021, 12.00 PM

Dr George T. Kanellos


Speaker: Dr George T. Kanellos

Talk Title: Optical Intersatellite networks: the HyDRON approach


Optically connected satellite constellations potentially offer significant advantages in reducing the latency of longhaul communications while maintaining a high bit rate and an evident better coverage on a global scale. Optical satellite communications is becoming a reality, as the SpaceX project Starlink has already launched 122 satellites, and the aim is to reach a 12000 LEO satellite constellation. ESA is also looking to deploy a large satellite constellation through their project HyDRON with siwtching and routing capabilities on the satellite nodes,  towards implementing a fully functional free space optical intersatellite network. In this talk we review the potential use case scenarios that optical intersatellite constellations could satisfy as part of the 5G ecosystem, we explore the convergence of 5G terrestrial networks with the optical satellite segment and we discuss the architectural principles for the optical intersatellite constellations. 

Speaker Bio:

Dr George T. Kanellos is currently a Senior Lecturer in High Performance Networks Group at the University of Bristol.  He received his BSc in ECE/CS and his Ph.D. from NTUA, Athens, Greece  in 2002 and 2008 respectively working on optical communications systems. Dr. Kanellos research today focus on reshaping the architectural networking concepts of optical Data Centers, Quantum Networks and optical satellite communications. He previously led the technical efforts in several EU and National funded projects, including EU projects FET-ICT-RAMPLAS and H2020-ICT-STREAMS, while he is currently engaged with EU-H2020-UNIQORN and the EPSRC UK-National Quantum Communications hub projects. Dr. Kanellos has published more than 100 articles in scientific journals and international conferences including several invited contributions. 

Contact information

Please contact Rebecca Layland, Smart Internet Lab Project Coordinator - for more information about this talk.

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