Seminar: Multi-objective Optimization for Service Chaining

28 August 2020, 10.00 AM - 28 August 2020, 11.00 AM

Mrs Teresa Yu Bi


Speaker: Mrs Teresa Yu Bi

Talk Title: Multi-objective Optimization for Service Chaining


To cope with high capacity and low latency requirements of 5G services, the service function chains placement problem is solved, for the first time, by the multi-objective optimization approach combining the virtual layer, IP layer, and optical layer. We approximate the Pareto-fronts and propose a weighted-sum algorithm as a building block for 5G management and orchestration architecture by interacting with the NFVO (e.g., OSM). Both simulation and experiment are conducted over a real testbed composed of multiple OpenStack deployed servers interconnected via optical fibers. Results prove that our algorithm can optimize resource usage in multi-access edge computing nodes under diverse workload scenarios while maximizing service acceptance rate. 


Teresa Yu Bi is a research associate in High Performance Networks group. She received the B.Sc. degree of Optical Information Science and Technology from Beijing Jiaotong University and then the M.Sc. with distinction in Communication Networks and Signal Processing from the University of Bristol. She is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include Network Optimization, Game Theory, Network Function Virtualization, and Optical Networks.

Contact information

Please contact Harriet Parks, Smart Internet Lab Project Coordinator - for more information about this talk.

Mrs Teresa Yu Bi

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