Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination Workshop

13 January 2020, 12.00 PM - 14 January 2020, 1.00 PM

Faculty of Engineering, Queen’s Building, Bristol BS8 1TR

Cleaning and decontamination processes are critically important to a wide range of different applications. Environmental decontamination is an essential step following the accidental or deliberate release of a hazardous material, and developing cleaning processes that are both efficient and effective is a key aspect of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, cosmetics, and a wide range of different foods. Since most cleaning agents are applied as fluids (either as liquids or vapours, or in aqueous solutions), fluid mechanics underpins the delivery and performance of cleaning operations. 

Supported by EPSRC funding, the UK Fluids Network has established an interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (SIG) on the Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination. This group brings together academics from mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering alongside representatives from companies and government agencies to share expertise, provide training, present current research, and facilitate knowledge transfer. Members of the SIG study cleaning and decontamination in various different contexts using techniques ranging from theoretical studies and simulations up to large-scale experiments and equipment design. 

This meeting will be the latest in a series of workshops organised by the SIG in cleaning and decontamination. It will consist of short seminars, longer plenary talks, and opportunities for discussion and networking amongst the meeting participants. The meeting is open to researchers and practitioners in any field associated with cleaning and decontamination. Representatives from industry and government agencies are very welcome, as are academics working on theoretical or experimental approaches to cleaning and decontamination at any scale. You do not need to be an established member of the SIG to attend this meeting; we are always keen to welcome new participants.

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Decontamination suit

Impinging jet clearing petroleum jelly

Impinging jet clearing petroleum jelly

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