AMR webinar series: Stable Salt Reactors

7 October 2020, 12.30 PM - 7 October 2020, 1.30 PM

Dr Ian Scott, Moltex Energy


Wednesday 7th October, 12.30-1.30pm

Moltex Energy are developing an inherently safe Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) which aims to provide carbon-free electricity generation technology with low upfront costs and reliable, large-scale power at 300-500 MW per reactor unit.

In addition to the ability to store energy for release in times of high energy demand, the technology can recycle nuclear waste as fuel, operate at high temperature to produce Hydrogen and use Thorium as an alternative to Urainium. The talk will be delivered by Moltex Chairman & Chief Scientist Ian Scott.


Registration and hosting of the webinar is via the Institute of Physics: 

Advanced Modular Reactor Webinar Series

The UK Government has recently announced a £40m investment to bring forward next generation nuclear energy technology. These “Advanced Modular Reactors” (AMRs) have the potential to unlock new applications for nuclear technology in the carbon-neutral economy of the future – going beyond grid electricity to include the supply of heat, production of Hydrogen, power to communities and industries in remote parts of the world and supporting intermittent renewable supply by storing energy.

In this series of webinars we will hear from the companies developing the technology – the three projects selected for BEIS funding and Moltex Energy who are forging ahead with first deployment in Canada.

You can register for the other webinars in this series via the Advanced Modular Reactor series registration link.

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