QKD over 5GUK

3 September 2019, 10.30 AM - 3 September 2019, 4.00 PM

Bill Brown Design Suite, Queen's Building

We live in a world that is digitally connected. In order to accommodate the demands of this digital world, we need increasingly faster networks that are reliable and secure. Members of the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs and Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol will come together as part of the Quantum Communications Hub to demonstrate their expertise and innovation. 

We will showcase the University of Bristol's 5GUK Test Network and its ability to host a quantum key distribution (QKD) secured network. Using open-source software developed by researchers in the group, we will show dynamic QKD key exchange over end-to-end core, metro and access networks.

Contact information

Please direct queries to helen.mawdsley@bristol.ac.uk


Free to attend, but registration is required

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