NI Western Branch: A Belgian Perspective on Regulatory Technical Support

12 March 2019, 6.30 PM - 12 March 2019, 8.00 PM

Dr Gustavo Rubio Antón - Bel V

In this lecture Dr Gustavo Rubio Antón will talk about how Belgium has developed a significant nuclear industry that currently produces about half the electricity that the country consumes annually. The talk will provide some historical perspective starting in 1962 when the first Pressurised Water Reactor built in Europe was commissioned in Mol, up to today where innovative projects such as the accelerator driven, metal cooled reactor MYRRHA are being developed at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center.

The specifics of the Belgian nuclear regulatory system will be introduced before discussing the role that Bel V plays as a Technical Support Organization in ensuring that a vast and diverse range of nuclear installations are operated safely. Dr Rubio Antón will also talk about the international participation of Bel V in collaboration projects and its active presence in the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association, the International Atomic Energy Agency and other renowned institutions.


Speaker: Dr Gustavo Rubio Antón CEng FIMechE has been working in the Nuclear Industry for the last 11 years in the UK and Belgium. Since 2017 he has worked with Bel V, providing technical support to FANC the Belgian Regulator.

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Image credit: SK CEN

Image credit: SK CEN

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