Home, Family and Household Data Security: Data Protection for the "Home User".

21 May 2019, 3.00 PM - 21 May 2019, 4.00 PM

Ivan Flechais, University of Oxford

Wills Memorial Building, Room G25 Reynolds, Queens Rd, Bristol, BS81RJ

In this event, hosted by Bristol Cyber Security Group, Ivan Flechais from the University of Oxford will talk about: Home, Family and Household Data Security: Data Protection for the "Home User".


Data security continues to be a topic of newsworthy interest: incidents affecting personal information services and assets are regular news items, and security awareness remains the most commonly proffered solution to the widely perceived problem of inadequate security in the home.

Set against a backdrop of government-backed efforts to improve security, increases in spending on organisational IT security, and a greater emphasis on compliance and data protection, we explore the curious case of securing "the home user".

Despite a real, and growing, series of existing and foreseeable threats targeting "the home user", research thus far has only scratched the surface of the breadth and depth of the problem domain -- not least of which by tacitly proposing that home users are broadly defined as "not professionals in computing”.

In this talk, we discuss different conceptualisations of homes, families, and households, and argue that such constructs are a natural starting point for any serious efforts at improving the security posture of "the home user". We discuss the problems associated with securing such a heterogeneous and nebulous context of use, and debunk the myth that raising awareness and educating people towards making better security decisions is in any way a solution. We argue that securing data in non-work settings needs to start from an understanding of the complex social, cultural, and moral dimensions of today's homes, families, and households, and not from a priori assumptions about the inadequacies, limitations, and irresponsibility of "the home user". We conclude with a number of propositions for addressing the security and privacy needs of home users, and outline a roadmap for how to achieve data protection of home users by design and in practice.

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Ivan Flechais

Ivan Flechais from the University of Oxford

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