Low Power Wide Area Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things

18 November 2019, 10.00 AM - 18 November 2019, 11.00 AM

Dr Dimitrios Zorbos

0.3, Merchant Venturers Building, University of Bristol


Current Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols suffer from short
range links and limited mobility. A Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
solution such as the LoRaWAN can resolve those issues, however, the
ALOHA-based transmission policy of those technologies makes the delivery
of a large number of packets by a large number of nodes impossible. To
avoid bursts of collisions and expedite data collection, we propose
scheduling of transmissions in time slots. We provide evidence through
extensive experiments that time-slotted synchronous LPWAN communications
are feasible under different node arrangements.


Dr. Dimitrios Zorbas holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University
of Piraeus in Greece. He has worked as a post doctoral researcher at
Inria Lille – Nord Europe and at University of La Rochelle in France. He
is currently researcher at Tyndall National Institute after receiving a
Marie Curie fellowship. He is author of more than 40 peer-reviewed
publications in the area of computer communications, energy efficiency
in networks, and secure communications. He has also worked in several
national as well as FP7 and H2020 projects. He is member of the IEEE.


Contact information

For more information about this seminar, please contact Harriet Parks, Smart Internet Lab Project Coordinator - smart-internet-lab@bristol.ac.uk 

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