The Inside Track.. Working on Multi-Disciplinary Design Projects

29 January 2015, 1.00 PM - 29 January 2015, 2.00 PM

Carren Holden. Airbus Flight Physics Capability IPT Leader for Data Structure, Analysis and Management.

1.18 Queen's Building

Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Analysis and Optimisation (MDIAO) in the aircraft design process, from entry into concept through the preliminary design phase, is a strategic aspiration within Airbus. MDIAO brings into play most of the disciplines involved in a/c design, including aerodynamic design, performance, loads, mass estimation, structural sizing and cost modelling. 

The talk will discuss the background, aspirations, barriers, progress and the way forward for MDIAO and its key role in efficient future aircraft design – in terms of adaptability, agility and control.

Carren Holden has worked in the British Aircraft Industry from 1984 and for Airbus since February 2005. Carren has managed a variety of projects on MDIAO and Geometry generation since then and has been working in the field of optimisation since 1994.

Refreshments afterwards - all welcome.

The Inside Track Lecture series is aimed primarily at students - speakers from a range of industries will share their inside knowledge. All lectures will be followed by a Question & Answer session, a chance to meet the speaker(s) over drinks and a related LinkedIn discussion.

Contact information

For more information please contact: The Industrial Liaison Office on or 0117 95 45483.

The Inside Track lectures are open to all University of Bristol students and staff, but if you are from outside the University and would like to attend, please email

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