Robots: From Imagination to Market

25 November 2015, 9.00 AM - 25 November 2015, 5.00 PM

Chris Melhuish, Andrea Bertolini, Joel Gibbard, Silas Adekunle, David Bisset, Renaud Champion, Farid Dailami, Sabine Hauert, Representatives from Dyson and Ocado.

Watershed - Bristol Harbourside & Bristol Robotics Laboratory

The "Robots: From Imagination to Market" event aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research in academia and the vibrant robotics startup ecosystem.

Starting with an introduction to robots in science fiction, we will dive into the latest state-of-the art research, hear from up-and-rising startups, and learn from successful companies. Additional highlights will include a tour of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, an overview of legal and ethical questions, and a panel discussion on how to go from imagination to market.

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