Leadership@Lunchtime: Gender and Leadership in Challenging Environments

28 April 2015, 1.00 PM - 28 April 2015, 2.00 PM

Priory Rd. Complex, 2D1

Aimed at postgraduate research students and postdoctoral level early career research staff, our Leadership @ Lunchtime sessions provide you with insight and inspiration into what is involved in getting to a position of leadership. Learn from invited speakers as they tell their story about the journey they have taken and the unexpected influences that have led them to where they are now.

This session will explore 'Leadership in challenging environments' focusing on what it takes to lead effectively in a challenging environment, both in terms of shaping the environment itself, and enabling others to achieve their best.

We are delighted to welcome two fantastic speakers to provide their perspectives: 

Prof Michelle Ryan
Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology
Dean of Postgraduate Research
Director of the University of Exeter Doctoral College

Michelle Ryan is a Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology. She is involved in a number of research projects. In 2014 she undertook a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship to examine the role of identity in explaining perceptions of work-life balance. With Alex Haslam, she has uncovered the phenomenon of the glass cliff, whereby women (and members of other minority groups) are more likely to be placed in leadership positions which are risky or precarious. Research into the glass cliff was short listed for the Times Higher Education Supplement Research Project of the Year in 2005 and was named by the New York Times as one of the ideas that shaped 2008.

Michelle is also involved in projects examining the effectiveness of role models; women's ambition in the workplace; the gender wage gap; social identity and sexuality; the impact of metaphors; leadership succession; the social identity of unemployment; identity complexity; and identity and disability.

Michelle is also Dean of Postgraduate Research and the Director of the new University of Exeter Doctoral College.

Prof Judith Squires
Professor of Political Theory
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students

Judith Squires is Professor of Political Theory. She is currently the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students for the University of Bristol. Prior to this she was the Dean of the Faculty Social Sciences and Law (2009-2013) and Head of the Department of Politics (2006-9). She is a member of the REF Politics and International Studies sub-panel and was made a member Council for the ESRC in September 2014. She co-edits the Palgrave Gender and Politics book series. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FacSS) and of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Her work, ‘Gender in Political Theory’ (Polity Press, 1999), established the central importance of gendered analyses to theoretical debates concerning equality, representation and citizenship. Subsequent publications have interrogated each of these debates further, articulating a theory of democratic citizenship that is sensitive to emergent theoretical and policy developments pertaining to gender. Recent research focuses on the changing ways in which gender equality is conceived within liberal democracies, mapping the emergence of women’s policy agencies, gender mainstreaming and gender quotas as three particularly important manifestations of contemporary equality strategies. Publications on women’s policy agencies include articles in Representation, Politics and Gender, Parliamentary Affairs, and British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

Please note that lunch will not be provided for this session.

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