IAS Research Workshop: Space Research at the University of Bristol (Workshop 3)

21 July 2015, 11.00 AM - 21 July 2015, 5.00 PM

Institute for Advanced Studies, Verdon-Smith Room, Royal Fort House

This event is part of the IAS Research Workshop series Space Research at the University of Bristol.

The third workshop will focus on setting up research and teaching collaborations within UoB.

One topic of discussion will be the funding mechanisms available for space research. Dr Andy Powell from the Knowledge Transfer Network (part of InnovateUK) will give an overview of space funding opportunities in the UK.

At the workshop we will also officially announce the call for payloads for the University of Bristol CubeSat programme. The payload is the reason for a satellite mission, and could be a scientific experiment, a technology demonstration, or could form part of an artistic or educational project. We are looking for exciting payload ideas that could help shape the development of the CubeSat. Anyone with ideas for a potential CubeSat payload is warmly encouraged to join the workshop!

Contact information

Anyone interested in attending and/or obtaining further information is encouraged to contact Dr Mark Schenk (M.Schenk@bristol.ac.uk) or Dr Lucy Berthoud (Lucy.Berthoud@bristol.ac.uk).

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