The Benefits and Challenges of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

24 September 2015, 5.15 PM - 24 September 2015, 6.15 PM

Dr Paul Martin, Chief Technology Officer, Plextek Consulting

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queen's Building, University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TR

Vehicle transport is becoming ever more complex as the various interested parties try and meet the needs of transporting people and goods around the country. Stakeholders range from the individual to the bulk freight transport industry and ultimately government. Technology has had an increasingly important effect on many of these issues and has reached a point where disruptive change is not only possible but being trialled today. Autonomous vehicles and vehicles wirelessly connected to infrastructure make this change possible.

This lecture considers the benefits and issues with the introduction of these new technologies. This starts with a definition of Vehicle to Anything (V2X) communications, looks at the applications including new safety features and lists the societal benefits. The lecture also considers the new challenges surrounding the new technologies, ranging from securing V2X communications to legal and governmental issues that the whole supply chain and user community will face. During the lecture a number of thought provoking challenges to engineers will be presented where there is a direct link between a design and a moral dilemma.

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