BIG seminar: Motion synthesis by spatial relationship descriptors

28 April 2015, 12.00 PM - 28 April 2015, 1.00 PM

Dr Taku Komura

MVB 1.11a

In the area of computer animation and robotics, synthesizing movements such as tangling limbs, passing through constrained environments, wrapping and winding cloth or ropes around objects, are considered as difficult problems. Making use of descriptors based on the spatial relationships is essential for synthesizing such movements.  In this talk, I will describe about the research done in our group for synthesizing complex movements by using spatial relationship descriptors. These include synthesizing winding and knotting movements using Gauss linking numbers, synthesizing wrapping movements using electrostatic flux, retargeting movements using Laplacian coordinates, and classifying and recognizing scenes using medial axis.  I will then describe about the future work that I am planning to do including motion planning and physical simulation based on these descriptors and physically simulating movements that involve close interactions.

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