BIG seminar: An overview on Sentiment Analysis: from text to videos

4 June 2015, 11.30 AM - 4 June 2015, 12.30 PM

Flavia Barros


The emergence of online social networks has made available an enormous amount of data containing users’ opinions about the most varied subjects (e.g., products or services, political parties, etc), yet in varied forms, ranging from simple text snippets as in Twitter to images and even motion (e.g., YouTube). In this scenario, Opinion mining/Sentiment Analysis emerges as a means to determine the users’ opinions polarity, classifying them as positive or negative. As an outcome, it is possible to determine the average approval/rejection of an entity (a product, a service, a company or even of elections candidates) based on the opinion of several users. Note that this analysis can also focus on users’ moods, feelings or emotions, and yet on how people influence each other in virtual online communities.

Sentiment Analysis (SA) has been traditionally based on text. However, in recent years, this area has expanded to multimodal SA (text, images and/or videos), still a very challenging issue. In this talk I will introduce basic concepts and applications of textual SA (my research area), briefly discussing some works on multimodal SA.

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